President's Message

President's Message

Welcome to the Akbash Dogs International web site. ADI represents Akbash Dogs around the world. We have a strong liaison with the Turkish Akbash Dog club and strive to coordinate Akbash Dog-related activities, policies and education for the entire world. Akbash Dogs are rare, so our universal approach seems appropriate.

If you are plugged into social media, you may find this web site to be static. This is where ADI provides background information, shows photos, and has forms for registering dogs and other functions. If you would like to e-mail someone, there are links on this site. If you would prefer to get into active discussions, please visit the Turkish Akbash Dog site at . Any new items on this site will be here, in the president's message, or on the message board. Please check these two sites periodically for news.

ADI has its own registry, taking care of record keeping needs for Akbash Dogs. Ours is the most comprehensive registry, offering multi-generational pedigrees whenever possible. We currently have more than 1,500 Akbash Dogs in our registry. Our mandate is to preserve the working attributes of the Akbash Dog breed. On this site you will learn about working and companion dogs, our excellent rescue service and training ideas, but you won’t find information about conformation shows and related activities.

As you visit this site, you will learn about Akbash Dogs and the people who represent them. You will learn of the rich heritage this breed enjoys, and of the struggles a pastoral breed faces in an increasingly urbanized world. You will read about our pride and joy, the Akbash Sentinel, a quarterly news journal that is packed with photos, articles and plans for the future. Introductory material can be found this web site; the message board covers breaking news, and the Akbash Sentinel is where the in-depth coverage happens. People who are serious about livestock protection dog behavior and health ought to subscribe to the Sentinel.

April 2020 -
This message is updated during the covid-19 pandemic. There is so much change and uncertainty in the world. You may have more free time on your hands. If so, please put your time to good use and think beyond the normal ways about care of your Akbash Dog. For starters, have you checked your dog's collar for good fit? Are parasites an issue in your region? Tick season is upon us. Are there sections of fences that really do need repair?

In January 2015 Akbash Dogs International achieved a milestone of significance, publishing volume 100 of the Akbash Sentinel. We have since added volumes 101 - 119 to the archives. We are currently accepting materials for upcoming volume 120. The Akbash Sentinel is published ~4X each year, or as close to 4X as we can get. If you have photos, news, or other Akbash Dog-worthy material, please feel free to contribute.

Diane Spisak
President, ADI