Welcome to the Akbash Dogs International Message Board

Welcome to the Akbash Dogs International message board. When we first designed and opened this message board in February of 2011, we hoped to create an active discussion site for people to talk about livestock protection dogs. We asked you to post your questions or comments in a manner that would spark discussion. And then came the latest form of parasitism, the outside people who troll the internet looking for message boards on which they can insert advertisements or download coded materials for others to pick up and use. In mid-2012 we had to close this board to open chats. This is a shame, but we still have options for people to contact ADI and ask questions, and our print journal, the Akbash Sentinel, remains a parasite-free publication.

We will use this message board site to post ADI and Akbash Dog-related announcements as they arise. If you have a story to tell or a question to ask, send us an e-mail message with the written material, and we will post it here for you.

David Sims, President, ADI
December 2012

Diane Spisak, President, ADI
April 2020