Participating in the leadership of Akbash Dogs International

Akbash Dogs International is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization. Like most other clubs with comparable purposes, it has a constitution and by-laws, and a board of directors. The board of directors includes a president, a past-president, a vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer, a member-at-large, and a position that is unique to our club, a Turkish representative, recognizing the heritage of our breed of dog. Two appointed officer positions are the club registrar and the editor of the newsletter, the Akbash Sentinel. Sometimes we separate the roles of Sentinel publisher from editor, and sometimes they are merged. In addition to these positions we encourage members to participate as authors and photographers, so our Sentinel can share good images and a diversity of perspectives. Its always nice to know who else out there in the world has an Akbash Dog, and what they do to keep their dogs happy, healthy and behaving as we need them to.

Publishing an educational newsletter involves a lot of work. So does maintaining a web site like this one. The registry of Akbash Dogs located around the world is substantial, and is essential to maintain the pure-bred status of the breed, as well as to assist in removing genetic problems, should they arise. The board of directors has many years of experience with the breed, but its also a place for learning about the breed.

All clubs benefit from having a regular turnover of people serving in the various positions. The best people to volunteer are members, owners of Akbash Dogs, but sometimes non-owners have responded to the leadership call as well. People with web-building skills, interest in investigative writing, photography, experience in financial record keeping and canine behavior are always welcome in ADI. The benefit of having a strong team is that no one person has too much work to perform. A benefit of regular turnover of positions is that there are others who understand each position, so help is available.

How about you? If you care about the Akbash Dog breed and would like to continue learning about it, please give some thought to joining the ADI team. Its already strong, but it will be stronger with you on board.