Announcement from the Board of Directors - Appointment of a new Editor for the Akbash Sentinel

The Board of Directors of ADI is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, Nancy Pierce of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, is the editor of the Akbash Sentinel. With over 100 Akbash Sentinel volumes already published, Nancy takes over the editor's position at an exciting time. We have an excellent combination of veteran and new leaders within the organization, and look forward to maintaining a vibrant Sentinel.

In Nancy's own words, "First, I just want to say a big HELLO from the Editor’s corner! I am honored (truly) to have been named the new editor of The Akbash Sentinel. Hopefully I haven’t been put in this corner as punishment for some past transgression! I like to think of this corner more as a cozy spot from which to inform Sentinel readers of what is new in the world of Akbash Dogs. My aim is to ensure that you have an informative, engaging, and dare I say, compelling and perhaps, at times, provocative journal. And, it is my aim to ensure you have said journal in your hands or on your computer screen four times a year.

I have had the good fortune to have an Akbash Dog in my life now for 3 years. Suffice to say, when I look deeply into those contemplative eyes of hers, I see more than just intelligence and a dignity absent in most other breeds, so much more. I see a majesty, an ancient wisdom that humbles me and rocks me to my core. When I watch videos of working Akbash Dogs in Turkey, inevitably I tear up at the beauty of, not only the landscape, but the raw beauty of the working Akbash Dog. It affects me profoundly. It is a window into the distant past. It is Nature at her finest. These dogs are magnificent. I hope as editor, I can in some small way contribute to the promotion and protection of this remarkable breed."

Nancy can be reached at if you would like to contact her. ADI is currently preparing the first Akbash Sentinel for 2016, so timing is good if you would like to send in a news report, photo or editorial comment.