What is the Akbash Sentinel

The Akbash Sentinel is ADI's news journal. If you look around this web site you will find illustrated descriptions of the Sentinel. Briefly and without images, the Sentinel is the official record of what ADI does, stands for and plans to do in the future. We publish our membership roster, our constitution and by-laws, policies, programs and short term projects. We offer an annual photography contest. Each year the board of directors reports on its resolutions and how they were voted, financial matters, and other activities of the board. ADI is not just for owners of Akbash Dogs. We have members who would like to own an Akbash Dog, but their setting is not appropriate. Still, they want to support the organization that cares for such a noble lineage of dogs. Others own other breeds or mixed-breeds of LPDs, and want to read the single article, Dear Mahir, about training and care of livestock protection dogs.

The Akbash Sentinel can be subscribed to as an e-edition (very low price!) or a print edition that is mailed to you. Its up to you to decide how you like to read. A membership is required to receive the Sentinel, and includes a small donation in support of our rescue activities. For some people the Dear Mahir articles are justification for joining and maintaining membership in ADI. For others, its knowing that a rescue/rehoming service is being supported. For others, its the photographs, and belonging to a group of like-minded people. What's your reason?