Prepare for an ADI Meeting in 2016

In ADI speak, its called a Gathering of the Akbash Clan. To anyone else, it could be called the annual general meeting.

The time of year is the last weekend in May, 2016. The venue is the home/farm of president Diane Spisak in eastern Kansas. Members of ADI and all others interested are welcome to attend. A main topic that is emerging even at this early stage (this message is prepared in January of 2016) involves reviewing the conformation of Akbash Dogs. What does an ideal Akbash Dog look like? We are likely to have many dogs on the farm for the Gathering. They will represent the sight hound variety as well as the more mastiff-type of Akbash Dog. If you want to do some homework in preparation for the Gathering, hit the internet and learn the meaning of a landrace breed. This will be your chance to see the various forms of Akbash Dogs, and participate as the authors of the breed description almost 30 years ago evaluate what we see in 2016. In addition, the Gathering is an opportunity to meet and chat with board members, breeders, the association registrar, and veterans of LPD husbandry. This meeting has a long history of being a lot of fun. You will make or renew good friendships, share good food, and talk about your favorite breed of dogs. The ADI tradition is to divide the costs for meals and other expenses (we don't do much in the way of spending money) among the participants on the Saturday evening, so the host doesn't have to lay out any money to take care of our needs. Usual expenses are food and drink.

Details: The dates are May 27-29 (mainly Sat May 28). The general location is Wellsville KS (Eastern Kansas off I-35). The specific location is Options for Animals Chiropractic College. Contact Diane at or 785-883-4811 for info and motels.

May 20, 2016 - Only ten days to go as of the latest update to this message. We have about 20 people planning to attend, and an excellent guest speaker lined up to talk about use of LPDs.