Introducing the board of directors of ADI

January 2016 - Our president is Diane Spisak, a well-known breeder of excellent Akbash Dogs. She has many years experience with owning and breeding LPDs, has written extensively in the Akbash Sentinel about how to raise pups properly, and is enthusiastic about her role in an organization charged with safekeeping of the Akbash Dog breed. Diane lives in Kansas. Our Vice-President is Cindy Wilber. She is also a veteran of LPDs, having both farming and rescue experience. Cindy lives in Missouri. Our three times treasurer is Rene Fleming who lives in Utah. Ilker Unlu is our Turkish Representative, an unusual board position that is unique to ADI. We are trying our best to be involved in the stewardship of the breed, while respecting the independence of the Turkish people as they develop their national breeds. Having the president of the Turkish Akbash Dog club on our board is an excellent way to maintain effective communications. David Sims is the past-president. He lives on a farm in Prince Edward Island with spouse/ADI Registrar Orysia Dawydiak. Janet Dunham is our corresponding secretary. Ann O'Brien is board member at large. Janet and Ann have extensive experience with Akbash Dogs.

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