on the use of this Forum page

When we first designed this forum (message board) portion of the site, our intent was to encourage active dialogue. However, we are in the age of web site hackers. Pretty soon, our forum pages were filling with junk ads, messages being sent via us to single targets, and other undesirable material. We tried using symbol recognition software, to keep out automated junk messages, but that didn't work for long. We do not ever want to have material unsuitable for children appearing on this web site, because we know that researching livestock protection dogs is a popular topic for science and behavior courses. In the end, we had to close the message board. We still use it to post material from within ADI, but this means there is no constant update, live chat or other dynamic aspect. That's why we developed a FaceBook group.

Some part of this site gets changed at least once a month. That's not exactly fast, so social media is the instant alternative. Please use the info and president @akbashdogsinternational.com e-addresses to send messages if you have questions. Our main form of communication remains the Akbash Sentinel that is published in both print and electronic format.